UPE low pressure multifunctional industrial hose

UPE low pressure multifunctional industrial hose


Application:This product is widely used in chemical, steel, construction, food, medicine and other fields. It has super wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant product characteristics and high saturation lining, which means that the product is almost free of any substances , Corrosive chemicals, etc.), the product ’s absolutely neutral odor also determines its suitability for the food and beverage industry and the production of pharmaceutical products

Inner layer:synthetic rubber lined with UPE

Reinforcement:synthetic fiber and spiral steel wire

Outer layer:black / red / yellow / blue ozone-resistant, UV-resistant, and wear-resistant EPDM rubber

Temperature range:-30 ° C ~ + 100 ° C (-22 ° F ~ + 212 ° F) steam can reach + 135 ° C (within 30 minutes)

Reference standard:EN12115